Your Morning Routine

Your Morning Routine

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Everyday Health, Life Coaching | 0 comments

The Big Picture Importance of Your AM Routine

Your morning routine impacts much more than just how the immediate day ahead of you. To be able to conquer each day of your life with adequate energy is dependent on your AM routine. You can determine what habits are important for forming and truly incorporating into your AM routine by being conscious of your cortisol levels or by physically getting your cortisol levels tested. It is significant to have your adrenal glands releasing a high level of cortisol in the morning and to have your cortisol levels decrease as the day goes on.


Tips to help increase cortisol levels:

One very effective way to increase cortisol levels in the morning is to increase your heart rate in the morning by engaging in exercise that would be described as vigorous. Study results published by the National Library of Medicine examined the impact of intensity of exercise on cortisol release in humans. The results exposed that engaging in exercise defined as moderate to high-intensity initiates increases cortisol release (Hill, et al. 2008). Some examples of what many people describe as vigorous exercise are, running, swimming, biking and tennis. Overall, more cardiovascular exercises are considered to be vigorous.

Another way that you can increase your cortisol levels in the morning is by planning out your day by writing all the tasks you desire to accomplish. This could be in a planner, journal, a note tab on your phone or simply on a sticky note or piece of scratch paper. By writing out a to-do list you begin to mentally motivate yourself to begin taking action in your day and cortisol will rise in response.


Cortisol works as an antagonist with another hormone that is produced from your adrenal glands that assists your body with having quality sleep at night…Can you guess what this hormone is?


Stay tuned for my following blog post to discover what hormone it is and how have a healthier PM Routine!