My Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Kryzia’s Bio

Since I was 4 years old, I knew I wanted to be a doctor— and my perception of what it means to be a doctor has evolved over time and will continue to do so with my growing practice. While studying premed at UCLA, I saw what it meant to be a conventional doctor, and I struggled in that atmosphere. I wanted something more, something supportive and nourishing to all of me, and I want to be able to offer that to my patients. A year later, I stumbled upon both Naturopathic and Chinese medicine, and immediately knew it was my calling, and every day my practice reminds me of that.

My Treatment Philosophy

I believe in the healing power of nature. I have seen it heal so many, including those who have purposely chosen the natural route, and those who felt they were lost in the standard medical system. 

 I believe in the healing power of community. It is part of our human nature to desire community, and I believe my role as your physician is to be a part of yours, which means actively listening to you, so that you feel heard. So often a visit with the doctor means 10 minutes face-to-face, but for me that is just not enough. Visits range from 30-90 minutes because hearing your story and building a healing relationship is invaluable and takes time.

I believe in Doctor as Teacher. I strive to empower my patients through education. Part of my role as your physician is to educate you as much as you would like regarding your health process— this includes physiology and pathology through both the naturopathic and Chinese medicine lens. If you have questions regarding your treatment, it is your right to ask, and my job to answer.

Some conditions Dr. Kryzia treats:

  • Digestive disorders – Constipation · Diarrhea · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Crohn’s disease · Ulcerative colitis · Celiac disease · Gallstones · Acid reflux/heartburn · Ulcers · Food Allergies · Nausea · Candida/yeast over growth

  • Chronic and Acute Pain – Back pain · Neck pain · Headaches · Knee pain · Joint pains · Shoulder pain · Arthritis · Plantar fasciitis

  • Fatigue – Low energy · Chronic fatigue · Hypothyroidism · Adrenal fatigue · Insomnia

  • Women’s Health – Hormone imbalance · Menopause · Irregular menstruation · PCOS · Osteoporosis · Yeast infections · Fibroids · Urinary tract infections

  • Hormone and Endocrine Disorders – Thyroid dysfunction · Diabetes · Adrenal dysfunction · Fibromyalgia · Autoimmune conditions

  • Cardiopulmonary disorders – High cholesterol · Hypertension · Asthma · Pneumonia · Bronchitis

  • Neurological disorders – Depression · Anxiety · Dizziness · Peripheral neuropathy